When You Meet One of Your Five Most Admired People

Today I caught an epic wave and surfed in icy waters as a giant, slumbering volcano sat quietly and watched me.

Yesterday I jumped off a cliff and swan dove into an emerald pool nestled at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The day before that, I meandered through the slots of Antelope Canyon and felt the warmth of the sun that peaked through the opening.

Last week, I was speechless as I watched the flourescent Northern Lights dance across the freezing sky.

Yeah, that is the definition of living.  It’s also the definition of Chris Burkard.  Thanks to the amazing talent of Chris’s photography work (and Instagram) I can step away from my suburban life every day and visit places like Iceland and Chile.  I can surf, repel, climb mountains, dip into never-before-seen hot springs and fill my soul with the adventure it craves.  He has a way of sweeping me off my feet and carrying my heart to foreign places.  His pictures take my breath away.  That is talent.

I’m going to try to not get choked up here, but I feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet right now.  I got to spend 11 hours with one of my most admired people.  Ever been asked who the top 5 people you wish to have lunch with?  Chris is one of my people.  I not only got to have lunch with him, but I got to sit 10 feet from him and experience his story, his knowledge and his character.  Seriously.  The luckiest girl.

Opportunities arise when you least expect them.  There are those who seize the opportunity regardless of the moment and its possible inconveniences and those who pass. They end up looking through the rear view mirror, saying goodbye to a moment that could have created growth, increased knowledge and maximized their life experience.  I have passed on a lot of opportunities, but without regret.  It wasn’t my time.  But yesterday, I seized a moment and man, it felt so good.  My bucket is overflowing.  My mind is spinning.  Opportunities are endless.

I hope you, wherever you are, will stop and seize one of them.  Don’t let insecurities get in your way.  Don’t think you aren’t deserving.  Believe in yourself and reach out and grab the opportunity that has your name on it.  Be the person you are supposed to be and let the rest of the world enjoy your talents.  I appreciate others that share their gifts.  And one last thing, surround yourself with greatness.  Who do you admire?  Who are your 5 people? It’s time to have lunch with them.

I’m so incredibly thankful for the greatness I experienced yesterday.  Now it’s time to go pitch a hammock between two chunks of ice and experience the next adventure.  Thanks Chris Burkard. Thanks for sharing your gift.  You are amazing.

Chris Burkard

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