Falling Off The Wagon

Just because you’ve had an “off” day or an “off” week (month, year, decade), doesn’t mean you have an “off” life. You can always get back “on.”   Um….I fell off the wagon. I hope you all appreciate my honesty by the way.  Cause I’m being so ridiculously honest and vulnerable with my feelings, it’s starting to … More Falling Off The Wagon

It’s Okay to Be Amazing

I’ve unraveled from the fetal position.  Now I’m hungry!  Famished, actually. You know what I’m having for lunch today? Words.  Delicious, delectable, sensational, rich, healthy, colorful words. I am going to devour these words until their nutrients are seeping through my skin.  Devour them until I’m stuffed.  And then when I want a treat, I’m … More It’s Okay to Be Amazing